Uncompromising Biblical Truth {Part II}

13335766_10153776921767545_7521853230681449570_nThere is a word from the Lord for every one of us Christians, the Lord is saying (calling you by name): “I want you John, Bill, Jane…. I want you to stand by My church, work, gospel, kingdom, ministry, truth, I want your mind, devotion, voice, hands, time, I want all of you, I want you to stand by Me.”

Do you know what terrifies the devil? A life that is totally dedicated to God

I am convinced that if we ever get a chance to peek into Satan’s strategy paper, make no mistake about it, he as a strategy on all of us. If we are able to peek into those strategy papers, we are going to find that on top of his list he wants Christians:

  • NOT to be discerning spiritually and spiritual truth
  • NOT to apply and obey the word of God
  • FOCUS on their likes and dislike
  • FOCUS on themselves, and NOT on the glory of God
  • NOT serving God by keeping them BUSY doing things, not bad things, maybe good things, but busy NOT staying in the book, the only book (The Holy Bible) that can keep them from sin.

One thing we should know about the devil by now is that he prowls around like a roaring lion looking for who to devour. The devil spends most of his time if not all trying and achieving success to some extent disarming, distracting, deceiving, dividing and destroying the people of God. Hence, we as Christians ought to watch and pray without ceasing and be sober and vigilant at all times because whatever God can create, Satan can counterfeit.

If we want revival in our lives, churches, and nation, we must begin by assembling together around God’s Word, and we must affirm the authority of His Word over every aspect of our lives. We must not compromise biblical truth, biblical morality, and biblical ethics. When we compromise truth and values, we are compromising with Satan.

As Christians, we must be firm when we need to be firm, uncompromising when we need to be uncompromising. And gentle when we need to be gentle.

A.W. Tozer once said, “If God were to take the Holy Spirit out of this world, much of what we’re doing in our churches would go right on, and nobody would know the difference.” What an indictment! The problem is that when you erase the distinction between the world and the church, you erase everything that makes the church distinctly the church.

When people think they have a right to critique God’s Word, to judge certain portions as no longer valid, to reject this book or that passage, they have set themselves up as judges over God himself. Instead of allowing the word of God to sit in judgement over us, we sit it judgement over it. Churches that subordinate the Word of God to human reason, to human experience, to political fads, or to cultural fashion are churches that have begun to doubt and deny the Word of God. Worldly spiritual leaders will produce worldly worshippers.

The main characteristic of the post-modern culture today is the rejection of any expression of certainty of the truth. They say there are many truths. Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Modern day deception of Satan is to blur sin. Once you blur sin, there is no need for grace. We just see it as a mistake and not a sin, but no amount of excuses will help us on the day of judgment. When spiritual leaders begin to sin, it doesn’t take long for other people to follow.

Goldy wisdom expresses itself this way:

  • I am not stubborn, but I have strong conviction
  • I am not unreasonable, but I have high moral standards
  • I am not argumentative, but I stand for the truth
  • It is better to be divided by the truth than to be united in error.
  • It is better to stand alone with the truth than to be wrong with the multitude.
  • It is better to ultimately succeed with the truth than to temporary succeed with a lie.

John wrote the book of Revelation against the backdrop of intense persecution. The Lord gave John a message to deliver to the seven churches. The message can be summed up in two words: Don’t compromise.