The Power of the Cross ✞


The truth is that a lot of churches are removing crosses from their buildings or not putting it on new ones, naively thinking that the cross may keep some people from not coming to their churches but the truth they do not realise is that they are departing from the biblical truth by elevating public relationship above the relationship of God. We cannot be neutral about the cross.

The wisdom of the cross is foolishness, the idea that God would come in human form and die on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, as the only way to be forgiven and then rises again on the third day as the only way to be assured of eternal life, to the unbeliever that is height of foolishness! But for us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

The logic of the cross declares that I am a sinner and needs a saviour and only then when I come to that realisation that I go from despair to hope, death to life, doubt to faith, guilt to peace and from shame to righteousness, that is the message of the cross.

The cross is convicting, condemning and inviting at the same time. The cross is dangerous because it declares to humanity that we cannot save ourselves, that we don’t have all the answers, that there is mercy, forgiveness, and answers to all our questions but only at the cross. This is why atheist groups are fighting to remove crosses from the public eye.

The very idea of the cross is so offensive that it must be eradicated from public view, that it must even disappear from churches and chapels. The cross is meant to make people uncomfortable and life would never have meaning until we embrace the God who died on that cross.

The Los Angeles county flag had a cross displayed on it before but they were ordered to remove it while other 9 symbols on the flag stayed. Eweida a Christian employee of British Airways was ordered to hide or remove her necklace cross and she fought against the decision. She fought all the way to the high court of England and lost while all at the same time it was perfectly alright for the Sikh bangles and the Muslim hijab to be worn.

An interface group known as (ACLC) American Clergy leadership conference called upon churches in America to voluntarily remove the crosses from their buildings. Here is their reason and I quote: “The cross is a symbol of oppression and represents an attitude of superiority. The elimination of the church will help us tear down the wall that separate us as people of faith”.

Unless We rise up and be the army of God instead of coming to church asleep we will lose the battle. Although God will not lose the battle cos it says in the Bible that the church will win eventually because even the gates of hell cannot destroy it but we are the ones that would be losers If we keep rejecting God and His Word.

The Latin word for cross is crux. The cross is the crux of the Christian faith indeed, remove that cross and you have gutted Christianity by removing the essence of the Christianity.

The cross is just a symbol! Powerful symbol but just a symbol and the meaning of that symbol is found only in the one who paid the wages of our sins by shedding his blood on that cross. There is no symbol on earth that is more powerful, confronting, and inviting than the cross of Calvary.

We do not worship the cross as that would be idolatry but we do worship God the Father and The Son, including the Holy Spirit  too because we are convicted of all things by the Spirit, this worship is done by obedience and surrendering of all areas of our lives, chamber and department to the Spirit of God in us.

Jesus said in Matthew 10: 38 – “The cross has its own stigma associated with it. If you really want to follow me then you have to carry that stigma of that dangerous cross”. God has called us to be faithful and to do so, we must nail our colour to the mast without compromise.